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About Altizure app

The Altizure app is the Altizure all-in-one mobile platform integrating photo capturing, cloud 3D modeling and studio, and online exploration.You could download it from iOS App Store.
In the autonomous capturing mode, the Altizure app controls DJI drones with the help of DJI SDK to capture vertical and oblique photographs.

The capturing is designed for 3D oblique photogrammetry for reconstructing true 3D models
in addition to the traditional vertical photogrammetry for creating 2D orthomaps.

Select an area to be mapped, then the app can automatically generates and flies the five paths. The first path corresponds to the vertical views, while the other fours corresponding to the oblique views with the camera oriented about 45 degrees downward looking in four different directions. You may check one example of such patterns of five paths by one of the users:
The five paths are necessary for true 3D models. But If you want to mainly create a 2D orthographic image, or an ortho map, you may opt for taking only vertical views, which is the first path generated by the app. Then you can forego the remaining four paths of oblique views.

Supported UAVs

  • Mavic Pro
  • Mavic Air
  • Inspire 1 (X3 / X5 / X5R)
  • Inspire 2
  • Phantom 3 (Pro, Advanced, 4K, Standard)
  • Phantom 4 (4, 4 Advanecd, 4 Pro V1 & V2)
  • M100
  • M600
  • M600 Pro
  • A2 / A3 + LB2
  • (Public beta) N3 + LB2

The App UI overview


The step by step guide

  1. Before you use Altizure to plan your flight, please make sure:
    (a). you have the latest firmware installed on your aircraft.

    (b) your phone is connected to the Internet when launching the Altizure app for the first time (first time only). DJI will check our API key and activate Altizure app on your device. This is required for all 3rd-party app using DJI SDK. After successful registration, you can use this app offline in the future.

    (c) your drone has sufficient space to store photos.

    (d) you have read through DJI's user manual, understood limitation of your aircraft. For example, you should know the range of height and radius your aircraft can fly safely.

    (e) you are able to control you aircraft without any app. For example, you should be able to land your aircraft manually using joysticks, or start/stop Return-To-Home function on remote controller.

    (f) you have several months experience in using DJI's aircraft, obtained all licenses for using DJI's aircraft, if required in your country or region.

  2. Prepare to launch the app:

    (a) Turn on your drone and remote controller.

    (b) Find the Flight Mode Switch on remote controller (labelled P-A-F or P-S-A). If it has F mode (e,g, Phantom 3, Inspire 1), then switch to F-Mode. If it does not have F-mode (e.g. Phantom 4, Inspire 2, Mavic Pro), ignore this step.

    (c) Adjust the exposure settings of the drone camera in DJI Go app. Incorrect exposure may result in over-exposed or blurry photos. Make sure the shutter speed is high enough (e.g. faster than 1/800, 1/1000). Adjust EV value to appropriate level.

    (d) Connect your phone and the remote controller using a USB cable. If Phantom 3 standard/4K is used, please connect via Wi-Fi in the same way you use DJI Go.

    (e) Launch the Altizure app.

  3. Press the Mission Start button in the Drone tab to start data collection.

    After that, you should see Connected in the top bar. If not, please check your connection between your mobile phone and the controller, then restart the app.

    In the map region, the blue circle represents your current location and the quadcopter icon indicates the drone location.

  4. Press the gear icon at the top right of the screen to set your flight altitude.

  5. Press the zigzag button on the left to put a rectangle to define the region you want to capture. The green box in the map region indicates the area you intend to capture. The white boundary indicates the area your drone will fly. Adjust its position by dragging the green rectangle, and its size by dragging the blue boxes at its corners, until it covers your region of interest.

  6. Press the rotate button on the bottom-left to switch to rotation mode. Then you can drag the corner of the captured region to rotate the rectangle.

  7. You may check the area of the captured region and the estimated flight time for each flight.

  8. The blue lines in a zigzag pattern are the generated flight path. For each mission, our app will generate five flight paths in total, corresponding to five different camera angles. The flight path numbered 1 has top viewing vertical camera for vertical photographs, while the other four paths numbered from 2 to 5 have side viewing cameras for oblique photographs. Please complete as many paths as possible to improve the quality of your 3D model.

    Select a flight path and press the take-off button.

    The app will start to upload the auto flight task to your drone after you press the take off button (If not, please press it again.). After the task is successfully uploaded, the drone will start the flight.

    The upload speed is slow, sometimes it fails due to timeout error. If your drone does not response, press the take off button again to re-upload the flight task.

  9. The drone automatically takes photographs during the flight. The current camera view is shown at the bottom right of the screen.

  10. After completing a task, there will be a dialog with 3 options: "continue", "return", and "hover". If you select "return", the drone will fly back and land on the take off position. If you press "continue", it will start executing next task. If you select "hover", the drone will stay in current position and do nothing.

  11. When the battery is low (< 30%), there will be a dialog that notify you to exit the mission and return home. If the battery is critically low (< 20%), your drone will exit and return directly. You can cancel the returning by pressing the return-to-home button on remote controller.

  12. If the drone returns home in the middle of a flight, you may select the proper flight path and adjust the resume position in the popup panel of the gear button. Then the drone will skip the part of the area it has already covered before when the drone takes off again. It is resuming the mission!

Frequently asked questions

  • Does it require Internet connection in the field?

    Not necessarily. You only need Internet connection to cache the basemap.

  • Does it automatically adjust the gimbal / operate the shutter?

  • The answer is yes for DJI camera. The app simplifies most data capturing steps into an automated task. It calculates the fly path based on your indicated data collection area, makes your drone fly the generated path by itself, and takes photographs during the path automatically. When the task completes or when the battery is low, the drone automatically lands to the take off position.

    For non-DJI camera, this app cannot control them, because there is no API in DJI's aircrafts to control those cameras. So you need to skip the camera configuration steps, then shoot photos manually or using timers of your camera.

  • How high can I fly my UAV using altizure app?

    At most 500m. This constraint is set by DJI's firmware. In the future, DJI may restrict the flight height according to the local regulations. Our app may not be able to make your UAV take off if such constraints are not satisfied.

    The default height limit is 120m, you should adjust it in DJI Go if you want to execute mission at >120m height.

  • I am not comfortable with auto flight, especially when I do not know how your app work.

    With the help of DJI simulator, you could have a virtual trial of the app before using it in the field. Please follow this tutorial [How to run Altizure app in DJI Simulator]. You are recommended to do experiments in the DJI simulator, to get familiar with our app.


  • The app crash immediately after I press the Capture button.

    You need to quit DJI Go app completely. Hit the Home button on your phone twice to bring up the app management view. Swipe left until you find DJI Go app, and then swipe it up to quit the app completely.

  • I cannot launch DJI Go app after using your app.

    Please follow the same procedures as above to quit Altizure app completely.

  • After I press the take off button, the drone does not start the auto flight.

    After pressing the take off button, the app will start to upload flight path coordinates to the drone. If the upload progress stopped for a long time, please press the take off button again to re-upload the flight task.

  • Why are my photos so bright / dark / blurry?

    So far, Altizure app does not control the exposure of your camera. The app only handles the flight and gimbal. To set the exposure properly, you need to use DJI Go to check and set the exposure of cameras (e.g. make sure the photos are neither too bright nor too dark, and set a short exposure time to avoid capturing blurry images).

    A rule of thumb is to capture at a time with enough illumination. Avoid capturing at dawn or dusk as much as you can!


This application is a photo collection assistant, which cannot replace the official DJI app. If you have multiple remote controllers, please use our application on the Slave controller along with the official DJI app on the Master controller, and pay attention on your drone and its flight. Put the mode bar to other mode and back in order to take back the manual control when necessary.

Altizure does not take any responsibility of any damage or loss of your drone.