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Supported Models

Is it compatible with the aircraft xxx (e,g. Mavic Air)

The supported models are listed in our tutorials or App Store page.

The development of all third party software is based on DJI third-party SDK. For the aircrafts listed below, as there's no suitable SDK for third-party development, we're sorry that we cannot update Altizure app to support these aircrafts.

The following aircrafts are not supported by Altizure:

  • Mavic Air: DJI will soon release a new version of DJI SDK that supports Mavic Air.
  • Phantom 3 SE: DJI SDK is not fully compatible with this aircraft.
  • Phantom 4 Pro+ with screen: According to DJI, its remote controller does not support 3rd-party DJI SDK apps.
  • Spark: Spark does not support waypoint mission, which is required by Altizure app.
    But you can still upload pictures to our website for 3D reconstruction after manually capturing the area with the above UAVs. We can reconstruct 3D models from aeiral photos or mobile images.

Is it compatible with M600, A3 or N3? What kind of cameras does it support?

Altizure app is already compatible with these aircrafts or flight controllers. For A3 / A2 / N3, please also use LightBridge 2.

This app only supports DJI cameras, e.g. X3, X4S, X5, X5R, X5S. Since DJI SDK could not control third-party camera, this app cannot use photo-shooting functions. For iOS version, you can press the shooting button on remote controller to capture photos manually. The Android version is not yet compatible with third-party cameras.

When will it support xxx?

It's hard to say exactly when. Because our app connects to aircrafts via DJI Mobile SDK, they can control DJI's aircraft only when DJI SDK officially supports these models. After new models appears in DJI SDK supported products , our developers will start developing the new version that supports those products.

Flights and Flight Records

How can I export flight log?

The flight log is useful for investigating accidents occurred when using this app. It is recorded by DJI SDK, and stored in your phone or tablet.

In Android devices, log files are stored in directory /DJI/SDK_logs and /Android/data/com.everest.altizure/files/flight_record/, you can find it using any file explorer app.

For iOS devices, here are the steps to export the flight log:

  1. Download and install iTunes on your computer, connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer.
  2. Open iTunes and click the device icon
  3. Go to "apps" page, and scroll down to "File Sharing" section, click "Altizure" app
  4. Select "SDK_logs", and scroll down to click "Save to..." button (or drag it to your desktop)

What if my aircraft runs out of battery?

You can let your aircraft return home by pressing the RTH button on it remote controller, or the “Return Home” button in Altizure app.

If Altizure app is successfully connected to the drone, normally, it can monitor the battery level and send you an alert popup when the battery is lower than 30%. You can decide whether the drone needs to Return Home by clicking the buttons on the popup.

If the battery is lower than 20%, Altizure app will automatically force the drone to return to its take-off location.

However, please note that for the RTH action, it will not work if the aircraft is disconnected from its remote controller. For more information on Signal Loss, please refer to our next section.

When the drone loses signal, will it continue its mission or return to home (RTH)?

Your aircraft will automatically cancel the flight mission if it loses connection for several seconds. Then it will perform Remote-Controller-Signal-Lost action, which is set to RTH by default. You can cancel RTH by pressing the RTH button on your remote controller after your aircraft is connected again. The drone will then hover in the sky and wait for your next command. For more details on RTH, please read the DJI guidelines carefully.

As said above, RTH is the default setting of Remote-Controller-Signal-Lost action. But it can be set to other values, e.g. land on the ground or hover in the sky after the signal is lost. To change this option, please go to the "Advanced Settings" section in DJI Go.

Besides, for the “On Signal Loss” option in Altizure app, you can also set it as “Continue Mission”. In that case, your aircraft will not cancel the flight even when it loses signal from remote controller.

However, this is a dangerous move because you may lose track of your drone if:

  1. “Continue Mission on Signal Loss” option is activated.

  2. The drone has been disconnected for a long time.

  3. Battery runs below the “Critically Low Battery Warning” level before the mission is completed (please find the “Critically Low Battery Warning” threshold in DJI Go).

The above situations are dangerous because:

• DJI firmware force aircraft to land if battery is below the “Critically Low Battery Warning” level. • If a mission is neither completed nor canceled, DJI firmware will not activate RTH when the battery gets low. • The aircraft cannot receive RTH signal from app or remote controller when it is disconnected.

Other Questions

Does it require Internet connection in the field?

Not necessarily. You only need Internet connection to cache the basemap.

Does it automatically adjust the gimbal / operate the shutter?

The answer is yes for DJI camera. The app simplifies most data capturing steps into an automated task. It calculates the flight path based on your indicated data collection area. It also allows your drone to fly the generated path by itself, and takes photographs during the path automatically. When the task completes or when the battery is low, the drone will automatically land on the take-off position.

For non-DJI cameras, this app cannot control them, because there is no API in DJI's aircrafts to control those cameras. For iOS users, you need to skip the camera configuration steps, then shoot photos manually or using timers of your camera.

How high can I fly my UAV using altizure app?

At most 500m. This constraint is set by DJI's firmware. In the future, DJI may restrict the flight height according to the local regulations. Our app must also meet such constraints. Or otherwise, we cannot allow your UAV to take off.

The default height limit is 120m, you should adjust it in DJI Go if you want to execute mission at >120m height.

I am not comfortable with auto flight, especially when I do not know how your app work.

With the help of DJI simulator, you could have a virtual trial of the app before using it in the field. Please follow this tutorial How to run Altizure app in DJI Simulator Mavic, P4, M600 & P3, Inspire 1, M100.You are recommended to do experiments in the DJI simulator, to get familiar with our app.


Can I use DJI Go and Altizure app simultaneously?

The answer is No. For iOS users, DJI Go will be automatically disconnected when Altizure app is running.

Bur for Android users, they need to complete the following steps in order to quit DJI GO.

  1. Go to Settings of your phone, and press Apps.
  2. Go to the Running tab by swiping from right to left, find and stop all process and services of DJI Go.

After I press the take off button, the drone does not start the auto flight.

After pressing the take off button, the app will start to upload flight path coordinates to the drone. If the upload progress stopped for a long time, please press the take off button again to re-upload the flight task.

Why are my photos so bright / dark / blurry?

For iOS users, they can change the exposure settings in the app.

But for Android users, Altizure app does not control the exposure of your camera so far. The app only handles the flight and gimbal. To set the exposure properly, you need to use DJI Go to check and set the exposure of cameras (e.g. make sure the photos are neither too bright nor too dark, and set a short exposure time to avoid capturing blurry images).

A rule of thumb is to capture at a time with enough illumination. Avoid capturing at dawn or dusk as much as you can!


This application is a photo collection assistant, which cannot replace DJI official app. If you have multiple remote controllers, please use our application on the Slave controller along with DJI official app on the Master controller, and pay attention to your drone and its flight. Put the mode bar to other mode and back in order to take back the manual control when necessary.

Altizure does not take any responsibility of any damage caused by or loss of your drone.