Supported Models

  • Phantom 3 (Pro / Adv / 4K / Standard)
  • Inspire 1, Inspire 1 Pro, Inspire 1 Raw
  • Matrice 100

Supported Platform

  • Windows


  1. Download and run DJI PC Simulator on Windows
  2. Connect aircraft to computer
  3. Start simulation
  4. Try Altizure app

Step by Step Guide

  1. Download and run DJI Simulator on Windows
    Click to download and install DJI PC Simulator and Windows Driver. (Note: they are official DJI Simulator installers, but DJI has removed those download links from their website)
    Open DJI PC Simulator and click Display Simulator

  2. Connect your aircraft to computer
    Power on your aircraft with propellers detached.
    Use a USB cable to connect your aircraft and computer.
    The SN section in simulator should show the SN of your aircraft. If the SN is empty, you may need to reconnected the USB cable or reinstall the driver.

  3. Start simulation
    Enter the Latitude and Longitude near you, then click Start Simulation. Once connected, the button should be greyed out, latitude and longitude are shown in simulator.
    In simulator, you can control your aircraft using your remote controller, DJI Go, Altizure and any other third-party DJI app, This will help you learn how to use these app without danger.

  4. Try Altizure app
    Connect your remote controller with Altizure app.
    Find aircraft's location at simulated location, and start a new mission.


Here is DJI's guide on using the simulator.
Your aircraft takes photos in simulator, too. So you may need to delete these photos to free up spaced in SD card.
Scroll your mouse wheels to zoom in/out in simulator.
Right click the simulator, select setup, tick show trace, then you can see the flight path.