Step 1: Download the raw 3D models in OBJ format in the Overview page of your project.


Step2: Download the croppiong results as well as the water result.


Step3: Open the Altizure Desktop, go to the “Converter” tab, select “Full project OBJ files” as the type of conversion, then select “Crop & Water” as the format.Step3_en.jpg

Step 4: Copy the full path of the OBJ file to the Input path. Normally, the input folder will be the folder that you unzip from “” downloaded from Altizure.Step4_en.jpg

Step 5: Select the output path of the folder to which you want to export the files. This could be either an existing folder or a non-existing one that the software will then automatically create.Step5_en.jpg

Step6: Copy the full path of the cropping and water results to the corresponding path respectively.Step6_en.jpg

Step7: Click “OK” after inputting all the file paths. After the completion of the file conversion, the modified 3D model would be stored in the output folder.