Altizure Planet is a cloud collaboration platform that can power your work process with our world-leading 3D reconstruction technology. Let your team collaborate beyond locations and time zones.
It is the ultimate hub for your team where you can collaborate, visualize and share works all in one centralized platform. Also, your models on Altizure Planets can be reached from any devices with web browser. So wherever you go, your 3D model follows.Ready to get started? Discover how Altizure Planets can make an impact in your practice.

Inviting members to your planet

Step 1. Click “Setting” in the toolbar.


Step 2. Click the “Members” tab on the setting menu.


Step 3. Enter the username of your teammate.


Step 4. Click “Add”


Set member permissions

Step 1. Open the dropdown menu to adjust member permissions.


  • “View only” — only have the view access to your planet

  • “View and edit” — can view and edit your planet

  • “View, edit and invite” —can view and edit your planet, as well as invite others to become collaborators

  • “Revoke” — remove the collaborators

Access to the shared planet

Step 1. Click your user icon in the upper-right corner of the page header and select “My Planets”.


Step 2. Click the “Share With Me” tab and access to the shared planet you want.