Altizure Planet connects virtual with reality. You can not only place your extraordinary realistic 3D models on your planet ,but also insert the 3D model file formats you already use, meaning it greatly enhances your visualization and presentation abilities. Let’s discover new dimensions for your 3D modelling work and creations.

Support file format

i. Photogrammetric model: Created on Altizure Platform,our world-class image cloud processing software.

ii. Hand-made model: Created by other 3D modeling softwares, such as CAD, 3DMAX and MAYA.


  • Make sure there is only one obj file in your ZIP.

  • Make sure your .obj file can be imported into MeshLab.

  • We only support triangular mesh for this moment.
    If your obj file cannot be opened on MeshLab, please check the following items:

Whether your .obj file correctly link to your .mtl filepath Whether your .mtl file correctly link to your texture images’ filepath

Upload 3D models

Step 1. Click the “Create” button in the page header


Step 2. Click “Start Creating” in the box of Third-party model.


Step 3. Enter the name of your model and select the model type.


Step 4. Upload your model

Click to select a file or drag it into the drop zone.

Step 5. Check the process status

5 types of process status:

i.Pending: Your file is now waiting in a queue.

ii.Converting: Your file is processing.

ii. Ready: The upload is complete.

iv. Limited Exceeded : The file size exceeds your assert storage.

v. Failed: Certain problem has occurred. Please check your file and resubmit.
You may set the thumbnail of your model in the “Setup Model”.

Insert models on your planet

Step 1. Open your planet and click “Insert” in the toolbar


Step 2. Search your model

i. Photogrammetric model:

Type name or project-id to search model. Your model will be shown in the preview pane.

Q:What is project-id? A: If the URL of your project is, 590ddeb31225725be9dacb4c is the project-id of your model.

ii. hand-made model:

If you would like to place your hand-made model on the planet, simply click the dropdown menu, it shows all of your imported models. Click the one you would like to insert.

Step 3. Place your model on the planet

Select “Manual Locate” or “Auto Locate” to place your model on the planet. “Manual Locate” means you have to place your model on the planet manually; “Auto Locate” means the system will place the model on the plant according to the GPS information of your model. A panel will be shown after you have finished.

You may go the the setup page of your model by clicking “Enter Model”

Step 4. Adjust your models

Perfectly merge your realistic and hand-made models by changing the position, orientation and other properties of your models in the panel.

i. Scale
ii. Position
Click the move icon at the top right hand corner. Change the model position by dragging the slider or using the visual tool.
iii. Orientation
Click the rotate icon at the top right hand corner. Change the orientation of your model by dragging the slider or using the visual tool.

iv. Crop

Crop specific area of Altizure Native Model. (Not include imported models)


Link to my model