Create impactful presentations with Storyboards. You can create, edit, collaborate and present wherever you are. Altizure Planet makes your ideas shine with a variety of 3D slideshows. Simply create a presentation through your browser and give your stories easily.
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With its dazzling effects, Storyboards make it easy to create impressive slideshows. Liven up your presentation with your stunning 3D model. Customize the slides by editing the scenes. Adjust the viewpoints and modify the objects. These settings would be stored and make every slide stand out. Together with the transition effects, making a delightful 3D model presentation is easier than ever.

Create a story in the storyboards

Step 1: Click “Storybords” in the toolbar


Step 2: Enter the name of your story and click “Add”


Step 3: Click “View” to start editing your story


Step 4: Add scene to your story by adjusting the viewpoint and click “Add Scene” to save.

*Repeat the step for other scenes as well.

Step 5: Modify the objects in each scene

In the Scene Editing Mode, show/hide the model by clicking the eye icon on the layer panel ;change the name and modify the speed/duration of the scene

Step 6: Hit Play button to view the time slider.


Step 7: Share your time slider with your friends.