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Altizure Planets is a cloud collaboration platform that can power your work process with our world-leading 3D reconstruction technology. Strengthen your 3D model with the hybrid reality environment.Communicate effortlessly with colleagues and clients to share ideas, markup the model with feedback and prepare presentations all in one centralized platform wherever you are. Ready to get started? Discover how Altizure Planets can make an impact in your practice.


  • Hybrid Reality

  • Collaboration on shared Planets

  • Annotation Brushes

  • 3D Measurements Tools

  • Storyboards

  • Personalized tools

Hybrid Reality

Altizure Planet connects virtual with reality. You can not only place your extraordinary realistic 3D models on your planet ,but also insert the 3D model file formats you already use, meaning it greatly enhances your visualization and presentation abilities. Let’s discover new dimensions for your 3D modelling work and creations.

Support file format

i. Photogrammetric model: Created on Altizure Platform,our world-class image cloud processing software.

ii. Hand-made model: Created by other 3D modeling softwares, such as CAD, 3DMAX and MAYA.

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Collaboration on shared Planets

Cloud-based platform

Altizure Planets empowers you to stay connected and productive anywhere. Enhance your workflow with the best-in-class tools. Your models in Altizure Planets can be reached from any devices with web browser. So wherever you go, your 3D model follows.

Collaboration Platform

Everyone can collaborate in Altizure Planets. It unifies your entire team’s communication. Making your workflow well by employing a centralized and accessible platform for storing, accessing, and sharing your 3D model. With one-click sharing, quickly invite others to view and edit on your Planet with their web browser. Easily manage permissions and see who is working on your Planet. It also helps to increase client engagement and satisfaction. Work better together in real time on Altizure Planets and move your company more effectively towards goals.To ensure the copy right, the object could only be edited by the author.

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Annotation Brushes

Start with a gorgeous layout, and customize your Planet any way you like. Altizure Planets brings your models to life with smart styling tools to help you easily annotate your models. Make it easy to obtain the geographical information.

To edit the annotation, simply click on the object in the Layers Panel and edit it. You can change the pin icon, color or even the height of it. The position of the pin is also stated in the panel. Writing description makes details vividly present to your team and clients. It ensures a smoother process when working collaboratively.

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3D Measurements Tools

Take surveying to the next level and visualize your data with measurement tools. Creates points at measured intervals along the length or perimeter of an object in order to obtain measurement data. With the tools, you can deliver accurate survey data more quickly and unlock the power of your fascinating 3D model.

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Create impactful presentations with Storyboards. You can create, edit, collaborate and present wherever you are. Altizure Planets makes your ideas shine with a variety of 3D slideshows. Simply create a presentation through your browser and give your stories easily.

With its dazzling effects, Storyboards make it easy to create impressive slideshows. Liven up your presentation with your stunning 3D model. Customize the slides by editing the scenes. Adjust the viewpoints and modify the objects. These settings would be stored and make every slide stand out. Together with the transition effects, making a delightful 3D model presentation is easier than ever.

Link to the tutorial

Personalized tools

Crop tool

Simply crop the model in seconds. This unique tool let you showcase your 3D model in a more personalized way.

Layers panel

Know what’s on your Planet. On the Altizure Planets, the Layers Panel lets you easily select, edit and organize objects no matter how complex the Planet is. All the objects would be shown on the panel. Simply select the object and edit it in a powerful way. You can also search for the object with search bar, click the “Fly to” icon to locate the object instantly.

Set Thumbnail

Personalize your Planet by taking a nice thumbnail. Navigate to a view point which presents the best view of your 3D model and save it.

Sharing your Planet

Sharing your Planet to others is as simple as one click.

i. Social Media Sharing: Share your Planet to Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or WeChat

ii. Unique URL sharing: Generate the URL and share the link to the public

iii. Sharing in iframe: Embedded your Planet to enrich your personal website.

iv. Storyboard: Generate shareable links for your storyboard and present ideas to your audience.