Steps to Follow on Building a 3D Model of Your Own (for new comers)

Step 1: How to create a project and upload images?

Step 2: How can I manage my project?

Step 3: Edit your model

Step 4: Download your model

Step 5: Change it to the format you need with Altizure Desktop


  • How to create a 3D model project?
  • How to obtain data?
  • Can I upload videos instead of photos?
  • What are the input and output formats?
  • Can I only upload photos taken from a vertical angle?
  • How to upload images?
  • Can I upload images to the same project on multiple computers at the same time?
  • What is the meaning of the progress message on the overview page?

How to create a 3D model project?

Step 1: Go to Create Project in the main menu,

Step 2: Upload the images to Altizure,

Step 3: Click on 'create project' button, it will have a fully automated 3D reconstruction for textured mapped 3D models in LOD.

How to obtain data?

You can find the answer here.

Can I use videos instead of still photographs?

  • The video files are not accepted.

  • Theoretically speaking, you can reconstruct a 3D model with the video frames extracted from a video clip. However, we do not recommend this method. The quality of the images that we extract from a video will be much worse than photos. Besides, the Rolling Shutter problem that occurs when you shoot the video, will further distort the photos. So, normally, we won't recommend users to generate a 3D model from videos.

Can I use pictures from different drones and cameras in the same project?

Absolutely. You can even mix drone images with hand-held camera images. The requirement is still the same. Just make sure the images quality and have sufficient overlapping among them.

What are the input and output formats?

Input: images, preferably in JPG format.

Output: 3D texture-mapped mesh files in OBJ format with LOG.

Can I use only vertical images?

  • Yes. Altizure will reconstruct a rough 3D model. You can also download your model, and use the Format Converter in Altizure Desktop to generate a 2D orthographic map of the area.

  • To reconstruct a more accurate and complete 3D model, you must take pictures from both the oblique and vertical angles. We generally recommend that you need to follow the flight paths auto-planned by our Altizure App, and take photos from five different viewpoints: one vertical, and four at 45 degrees. Therefore, this will make the input data four times more than the vertical data.

  • Altizure APP automatically captures both vertical and oblique views, and optimizes the capturing process.

How to upload images?

Smart Upload: The upload is resumable and skips the already-uploaded files.

  1. The upload is resumable. So do not worry if the upload stops when you upload a large number of images, the unfinished part can be resumed when the connection is re-established.

  2. The upload automatically skips the already-uploaded images if the image file has the same name and the same size.

    It is recommended that you simply always select all images to upload, even if you just want to add few new images into the project. Altizure automatically skip all already-uploaded, and only upload the new images.

    If you have very big data, you can also send us the data directly with a USB by courrier. We will upload the data directly to the cloud.

Can I upload images to the same project on multiple computers at the same time?

Yes. Our system allows users to upload pictures from different computers simultaneously. That is to say, if you are going to upload photos on two computers, you can put the pictures into two folders and upload them separately on two computers.

You can login to the same account on multiple computers >> Locate the project that you are going to reconstruct >> Click the Upload button on the Overview page to upload images.

What is the meaning of the progress message on the overview page?

  • N/A: it means you do not ask the Altizure to start the project.
    You should press the restart reconstruction button on the overview page to start your project.

  • Pending: it means that your project is acknowledged, but there is no enough computational resource to start the project, so the project is waiting in a job queue.
    Once your project is waiting in the queue, please wait untill it starts. If you stop and restart it, the project will go to the end of the queue again, which makes you waiting longer.

  • Hungry: it means that you do not upload enough images for reconstruction.
    Altizure requires at least two images in a project. You need upload more images in upload more images panel on the overview page and press restart reconstruction to restart your project.

  • Failed: it means the reconstruction of your project is not successful.
    It is very likely that the images are not captured in a proper way. For example, there is no enough overlapping between images; the images are too dark, too bright, or blurry.
    If you have any questions, please click report problem button to contact and aurthorize our technical support team to check your project for you.

  • Unmodified: it means that the input images of this project has not changed, there is no need to re-compute the reconstruction.

How to set up private viewing and links?

In the Overview page of each project, you can choose to set the project as public, unlisted or private.

  • Public setting will list your project in our Explore page, meaning that everyone could discover and view your content.
  • Unlisted setting will not list your project in our site; it can only be accessed by its hyperlink (URL). This allows you to share the link of the page to a specific group of audience. However, please note that anyone can view the page as long as they have the link.
  • Private setting will make your project entirely private and safe. Only your account is allowed to view the content of the project.
    You can read How to manage a project? for more details!