is the cloud platform for turning drone photographs into true 3D models and 2D ortho maps. It gets you connected to photography, photogrammetry and drone amateurs and professionals.

An user simply upload photographs captured from a drone to, then will obtain a reconstructed 3D model and a 2D map from the cloud computation. The resulting 3D models are hosted by the website, and they can be shared online and/or are downloaded for off-line use.

We are also providing the Altizure APP both in iOS and Android for automatic drone photo capturing.

There are four main aspects of

  • Content publishing platforms
  • Cloud computation and management platform
  • 3D model management
  • User management

Content publishing platform

  • Explore
    It contains all public projects, sorted and filtered by user-defined metrics. For example, a user can opt to view the most liked projects in this month. It also has a search bar. Each project item in the list shows a thumbnail, its author, and brief statistics of the project, such as the total number of views.
  • My favourites
    It contains all the public and unlisted projects that are liked by the user.
  • My projects
    It contains all the projects owned by the user.

Cloud computation and management platform

  • Create project
    All users with an Altizure account can create projects, no matter they have passed UAV verification or not.

  • Project overview
    The project overview page is a dashboard of a single project, in which the project owner is able to view and manage inputs, outputs, and monitor the online reconstruction process. In particular, the owner can start / stop reconstruction, upload images, download outputs, report problems and change project settings such as project description and visibility.

  • Images
    It is a list of all images of the project for the owner to view and manage. The images include those that have been recognized by the machine to build the 3D model, and those that have been not.

  • Report
    It contains detailed technical report of the reconstruction process, such as camera estimation, GPS alignment and visibility map. It also shows a list of per-image results including number of tie points and reprojection error, which helps the owner to select better input images.

  • Points
    The points viewer visualizes the sparse point cloud and the camera poses. Users are able to deduce the flight path and the photographing pattern from the camera poses.

  • Orthomap
    The orthomap viewer allows the user to view the high-resolution 2D orthographic image with different levels of details.

  • 3D Models
    The basic model viewer is the place for users to view and interact with 3D models. Besides real-time viewing, users can socialize here by commenting on the project or by sharing to other social media platform.

  • Studio
    It is a model viewer with advanced functionalities for Pro projects, such as measuring distance between any two points, picking a point to get its real-world coordinate, and switching between different viewing modes to view model wireframes or geometries.

  • Project setup
    Or, as we normally call it, the "setting/setup mode". It is a model viewer where the owner can perform model-related settings, including recalculating GPS alignment, adding annotations and setting initial view point.

    How can I enter the setup mode?

    Go to My Projects →Select a project → Find Settings panel on the right side of page → In the Setup Model section, click the Setup button → Then, you’ll enter the setting mode of this project.

3D model management

  • Basic features
    The model viewer loads contents in real-time, displaying a coarse simplified layer first while gradually replacing it with more detailed layer as the loading continues. It provides basic controls like rotating, panning and zooming, which are supported both on desktops and on mobile platforms with multi-touch gestures.

  • Annotation
    The user can annotate on the model. An annotation is attached to a point on the 3D model, which moves when the model moves. Each annotation has its own symbol on the map, as well as a title and a description in which you can insert links and images.

  • Ruler
    If the model is already aligned to a real world coordinate frame, the user can get the distance of any two points on the 3D model by using the ruler tool.

  • Wireframe and geometry viewing mode
    The user can choose to view the 3D models in different mode like wireframe mode or geometry mode, besides the initial texture mapped model.

User management

  • User profile
    This is the public profile page of a user, containing his/her public personal information, statistics of his/her cloud usage, as well as a list of all his/her public projects. The 3D model of the user’s most popular public project is also shown on the Profile page, and it can be seen by all visitors to this page. This enables a professional drone photographer and some other professionals to take this as their own portfolios.
  • Registration
    Here a new user can sign up with an email account.
  • Login
    Here a user can log into an existing account.
  • Forgot password
    Here, a user can reset his/her forgotten password and recover access to Altizure account.
  • User settings
    Here the user can perform a series of operations related to his own account. A user is able to set the profile picture, change the self description, reset password, and perform other account management actions. In addition, users can fill out UAV verification forms in this page.
  • Transaction history
    Transaction history records all the transactions that the user made, for example, the transactions on buying coins, paying for Professional Projects and getting refunds.
  • Notification history
    This page lists all the system notifications that the user has ever received.