This tutorial is divided into three parts.

  • Part A explains how to texture map models in 3ds Max.
  • Part B explains the options for exporting obj files in 3ds Max and SketchUp.
  • Part C is troubleshooting for missing textures after being uploaded to

If you are already familiar with 3ds Max texture mapping, you can turn to Part B and C.


A. How to map a model in 3ds Max?

  1. Apply shortcut M or reach the Material Editor under the rendering toolbar and select Compact Material Editor.

  2. Select the Material Ball and adjust the Specular Level and Glossiness inside the Specular Highlights to 0.(This parameter affects whether the final model is reflective, as shown below)

  3. After setting the parameters, select the Maps below, click Diffuse Color and go into No Map.

  4. Select the maps types in General tab – RBG Tint (Tinting model to a specified color), Bitmap (attaching external map file) and other system-provided maps such as marble, wood etc.

  5. Click Assign Material to Selection.

  6. After assigning the material, select Show Shaded Material in Viewpoint, then you can see the material effect.

  7. Save and Export oj from the Export tab

B. OBJ Export Options

3ds Max Export Options

  1. The option for the Faces is changed to a Triangle.
    (In the case of small fine models, such as character modeling, change the option of the Faces to Polygon)

  2. Uncheck the Smoothing group.

  3. If you need to export materials, check Export materials and Create mat-libraries.

  4. Check Force black ambient. If unchecked, it may cause the model hue and saturation too high as well as model color inconsistency.

  5. In Map-Export, uncheck use map-path and adjust map Format to jpg.

  6. If the model is not correctly oriented after being imported into Altizure, check or uncheck the Flip YZ-axis and upload the models again to see if the orientation is on the right track.

  7. The remaining options can be checked or unchecked as required.

  8. Set the Map Channel to 3.
    WeChat Image_20191224225635.png

SU(SketchUp) OBJ Export Options

  1. Triangulate all Faces
  2. Export two-sided faces
  3. Export texture maps
  4. Swap YZ coordinates(which may result in wrong coordinates on Alituzre). If the orientation of imported result on Altizure is not correct, please uncheck this option and test again.

C. OBJ File Troubleshooting

Typically the causes for missing texture maps and colors after the exported obj models being uploaded to the site processing are as follows.

  1. Chinese Material Map name
    The map names that come with the 3damx system usually contain Chinese characters, and we just need to remove the Chinese characters from the map and mtl files. (Open obj or mtl with ue or other text editor software)
  2. mtl and obj file name are not matching.
    The exported obj file should match the mtl file name.
    By the way, the file name should be set when exporting. Do not modify it after completing export.
  3. Redefine the File Path of Texture Maps
    If the map is customized, a map file path will be generated after the obj being exported, which can be opened in the meshlab but cannot be uploaded to a web page. Now you just need to remove the file path from mtl and only keep the custom file name for the texture map.
  4. Have not selected the export material when exporting in 3ds Max.
  5. If the model itself is not texture mapped, but the color of model is over saturated in bright white, check the mtl file, while if the ka and kd values are 1, you need to change the ka to 0.5 or 0 (ka 0.5 0.5 0.5) or adjust kd to 0.5(kd 0.5 0.5 0.5).
  6. Zip & Upload
    Compress mtl, obj, and maps together into zip and upload.