Data Format Requirement

Non-tiled OBJ Data Format (required)

Operation Steps

  • Export a single obj model and corresponding mtl material and texture files.
  • Compress the obj model, mtl material files and relevant texture files into a zip file.
  • Log in, click Create -> Third-party Model ->Photogrammetric Model->Create, upload the .zip file package for conversion.


  1. Q: What to do when the zip archive is too large to upload, or the conversion process prompts "zip file error"?
    A: You can use the 7zip or other tools to perform volume compression. Divide a large compression package into files of about 200 Mbyte each and then upload all these files to the project.

  2. Q: How to assign the geographical coordinates?
    A: Adding a metadata.xml file to the archive file with coordinate information description. Usually the metadata file is placed at the root of the archive directory and its file format is as below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ModelMetadata version="1">
        <!--Spatial Reference System Only ENU coordinate system can be supported. The two numbers after the ENU are the latitude and precision of the ENU coordinate system origin.-->
        <!--Origin in Spatial Reference System The origin coordinates of uploaded model in the ENU coordinate system.-->