Basic Flow

AltiOne/Private Cloud solutions provide an all-in-one solution for real-world modeling and publishing that can be deployed on the intranet, but deployment outcome cannot be released to the public due to intranet restrictions, and the data needs to be transferred to the public platform for publishing.
The transfer method is easy for you to follow as below:

  1. Download a complete compressed PLY point-cloud from AltiOne/Private Cloud.
  2. Go to the AltiOne/Private Cloud/Public Network and select New Project ->Third-Party Model -> Point-cloud Model.


Make sure that the uploaded package includes the following files:

  1. PLY point-cloud file. The file name begins with level.
  2. A config.json file including metadata file of the model.

Advanced Tips

  1. Apply the third-party editing tool for point cloud e.g. cloudcompare to edit and remove the redundant point-cloud. Keep the file name unchanged, zip and upload the modified point-cloud file to

  2. Q: What can be done when the uploaded files exceed the upload limit of single file at 2GB?
    A: By virtue of compression tools like winzip / winrar / 7zip, choose a volume compression and set volume size to about 300MB and select zip as file type in the file compression process, finally upload these sub-volume compressed files to the project.

  3. Q: How to assign the geographical coordinates?
    A: The original downloaded point-cloud zip file from Altizure contains a config.json file, which recorded the geographic information during the process of project creation. Please make sure this file is uploaded with the point-cloud files.