1. What are the possible project statuses on the Overview Page?
  2. Does the 3D content have GPS information?
  3. How can I delete my project?

1. There’s a Progress card on the Overview page. What are the different statuses and what do they mean?

  • N/A: You haven’t started the project yet. Please click the Start icon on the Run Task card to start the reconstruction process.
  • Pending: Your project is now waiting in a queue. Altizure has received you reconstruction command, but all the machines are running tasks at the moment. So, your project is put in a queue waiting for the reconstruction. The waiting time mainly depends on the number and the size of the projects waiting in front of you.
  • Not enough images: There are not enough pictures in your project. Every Altizure project requires at least two images. You can go to Run Task > Fully Automatic 3D Reconstruction > Add on the Overview page to upload more images, then click Start to restart your project.

  • Fail: The reconstruction of this project is failed. This might be caused by several reasons, e.g. insufficient overlapping photos, underexposure/ overexposure, blurry photos, etc. If you have any questions about the result, please use Report Problem on the overview page to report the problem.

  • Unchanged: The images of the project are unchanged. So, no need to rerun the project.

2. Does the 3D content have GPS information?

The 3D reconstruction per se does not need to have any GPS information, so the reconstructed 3D is only in a relative coordinate system by default.

However, if your images are already geo-tagged with GPS information, which is often true when captured by a drone, Altizure is able to read in the GPS information from your images, so the 3D reconstruction will be geo-referenced in the real world coordinate system.

3. How can I delete my project?

Please go to the Overview page of the project you want to delete (URL that ends with /overview). Click Administration card > Remove to delete the project.