1. Compress the obj model, mtl material files and relevant texture files into a zip file.
  2. Log in altizure.com, click Create -> Third-party Model ->Photogrammetric Model->Create.
  3. On the upload page, upload the .zip file package for conversion. A mail notification will be sent to the registered mailbox upon completion of the conversion.


  1. Q: Why no obj models can be generated from my DJI
    A: When using the DJI terra to create a new project, you should select OBJ format in the Model tag.
    WeChat Image_20191017145213.jpg
  2. Q: When uploading the exported obj model to altizure.com, what shall we do if the textures or color is missing?
    A: Make sure that the obj can be opened and viewed normally in the browsing software Meshlab. A quick troubleshooting can be conducted on the following aspects. Details refer to Section C of the Import 3ds Max/Sketchup Hand-Made Model with Texture Mapping tutorial.
    • The mtl obj jpg file name contains Chinese characters.
    • The mtl does not match the obj file name.
    • The map has a relative path.
    • If the model itself is not texture mapped, but the color of model is over saturated in bright white, check the mtl file. While if the ka and kd values are 1, you need to change the ka to 0.5 or 0 (ka 0.5 0.5 0.5) or adjust kd to 0.5(kd 0.5 0.5 0.5).
  3. Q: How to add the geographical coordinates to the hand-made model?
    A: You could write a config.json file and compress it with the PLY file in the same file. Import the compressed file to the altizure.com. Please refer to the Import Hand-made obj Model tutorial for config.json file format details.
  4. Q: Which geographical coordinate system can be supported currently?
    A: Now only local and ENU coordinate systems can be supported (details refer to the Import Hand-made obj Model tutorial). The other coordinate systems, such as UTM coordinate system, are considered a local coordinate system. In order to obtain the longitude and latitude correctly, it is necessary to import the models to a planet with a local coordinate system function.