1. Compress a single PLY point-cloud into a zip file.
  2. Log in altizure.com, click Create and select New Project ->Third-Party Model -> Point-cloud Model.
  3. On the upload page, upload the .zip file package for conversion. A mail notification will be sent to the registered mailbox upon completion of the conversion.


  1. Q: Can the zip file have more than one PLY files?
    A: No, now only one PLY file can be included.

  2. Q: What can be done when the uploaded files exceed the upload limit of single file at 2GB?
    A: By virtue of compression tools like winzip / winrar / 7zip, choose a volume compression and set volume size to about 300MB, finally upload these sub-volume compressed files to the project.

  3. Q: How to add the geographical coordinates to the hand-made model?
    A: You could write a config.json file and compress it with the PLY file in the same file. Import the compressed file to the altizure.com. Please refer to the Import Hand-made obj Model tutorial for config.json file format details.

  4. Q: Which geographical coordinate system can be supported currently?
    A: Now only local and ENU coordinate systems can be supported (details refer to the Import Hand-made obj Model tutorial). The other coordinate systems, such as UTM coordinate system, are considered a local coordinate system. In order to obtain the longitude and latitude correctly, it is necessary to import the models to a planet with a local coordinate system function.