• Currently we can support panoramic cameras - Insta360 series and RICOH theta series.
  • This tutorial takes the Insta360 series camera as an example. We need to import the photos taken by the panoramic camera into Insta360 Studio 2019 (Software Download) for processing. And then upload the processed outcome to altizure.com.
  • This tutorial is divided into two parts.
    A: Indoor Panoramic Model Reconstruction
    B: Panoramic Model Reconstruction in the Pipeline


A:Indoor Panoramic Model Reconstruction

  1. Insert the memory card of panoramic camera into your computer to get the insp file.
  2. Open all the panoramic photos in Insta 360 Studio 2019.
    WeChat Image_20191022165956.png
  3. Select all the photos via shift-click on the left side of the taskbar, then right-click for Batch Exporting Setting. Set Original as Target Resolution and uncheck Use Nadir Logo.
    WeChat Image_20191022170020.png
  4. Upload all the exported photos to altizure.com for 3D reconstruction model generation.

B:Panoramic Model Reconstruction in the Pipeline or Tunnel

  1. We can use mobile tripod or machine trolley for (automatic) data acquisition. Interval shooting can be set in the camera (refer to the manual for details) for automatic acquisition, but Shutter Speed and Image Overlap Rate should be well controlled to guarantee the picture clearness . Shoot the top and bottom of the camera against the hole in the pipe or tunnel. (Ref.Fig.a-Align Camera Top with the Hole)

  2. The camera acquisition positions can be referred to Fig.b-Fisheye Lens Vertical to the Ground and Fig.c Fisheye Lens Parallel to the Ground. Testings show that the position of Fig.d Camera Vertical to the Ground can't generate complete models. Collecting one set of data is well sufficient. If you want to get better modeling results, it is highly recommended to collect two sets of data or more.
    WeChat Image_20191031161141.png

  3. After the data acquisition is complete, insert the memory card of panoramic camera into the computer and use Insta 360 Studio 2019 to open all the panoramic photos.

  4. These data should be exported twice. First Pass - export all-selected photos, choose Gyroscope Stabilization in Batch Exporting Setting. Second Pass - Select all the same photos and uncheck Gyroscope Stabilization. Use Nadir Logo should not be checked in both exports.
    WeChat Image_20191022170020.png
    WeChat Image_20191022170025.png

  5. Upload both batches of exported data together to altizure.com, click CreateAltizure Reconstruction to start the journey of 3D reconstruction.