The 3D models generated by or 3D software can be imported into the Planets for more functional editing.

Please refer to the Overview of Altizure Planets for an introduction on the Planets features.

Please refer to Import 3ds Max/SketchUp Hand-made Models with Texture Mapping for the tutorial of importing handmade models to

Import the Hand-made Model into the Planets without Coordinates

  1. Select Create on the, click Planet and Start Creating for new project creation.
  2. Name the planet project and relevant properties on the editing page.
  3. After loading the planet, click Insert in the lower left corner of the planet interface, and search for a project name or PID. (PID is the unique number of each model, usually there is a string of numbers and English characters after the link when browsing the model on the web page, which is the project PID)
  4. Normally, hand-made models and some 3D models generated by do not have GPS coordinates, Manual Locate and parameters adjustment are required after insertion.
  5. After importing the model, click it and adjust the corresponding parameters from the right property panel.