The latest updates of Altizure Planets focus not only on bug repair but also additional features. For example, the new speical effects tool can insert fire, cloud, snow and smoke effects. The entity panel on the left has also been updated with a new UI, a new multi-select mode, the ability to copy individual entity and support for sorting entities in various ways. Storyboard scene editing feature supports modification on live scene locations.

Let's look at what have been updated!☺

New Scene Special Effects

New scene special effects function can help user insert flame, cloud, snow and smoke(Free Member is entitled to get 4 insertions.)

Each effect is constituted of multiple small particle blocks. So we can adjust the particles’ parameters to transfer the mode of the special effects.

👇Special Effects Tools of Altizure Planets Tutorial Video


New Features on the Entity Panel

Moving your mouse to the left panel can hide or copy created effects. Long press the left mouse button or right click to activate the menu, which support sharing, multiple selection and removal. In multi-select mode, you can modify visibility or delete selected contents simultaneously.

The left entity panel supports four new sorting ways - Created, Updated, Name, Visible, and Author.

Other Updates:

  • Support collaborators to edit each other's entity attributes.
  • Optimize the multi-collaborators mode, and forward update notifications to other collaborators if any modification.
  • Optimize the Fly to animation, first fly to a certain altitude and zoom in gradually.
  • Optimize the experience of inserting entities, adding pop-ups to guide the user to locate the position by moving the mouse.
  • Optimize the automatic calculation scope of the slider in the right property panel.
  • Display xyz coordinates in insert selection and properties panels under local coordinate mode.
  • Add entry button for setting modification to the storyboard list.
  • Replace the original overlay with the new popups style.

Abnormal Repair:

  • Fixed the occasional failure to change angle by pressing the mouse to inserting entities.
  • Fixed new Chrome version unable to open the dialog box of coordinate selection.