About Testing Channel

Because of restrictions in the App Store, when a new version of the app is installed, it cannot be returned to the old version. To prevent some special models and older firmware versions from being affected by the new DJI SDK, we released the beta for Altizure iOS via Apple's official recommended TestFlight. The test beta is a separate App, which will not affect the use of the official version after installation.
Welcome to join the test and preview the new functionality. Any suggestions during the development process will be highly appreciated to help us improve Altizure app and accelerate the release of new features.

Download Method:


Download the official TestFlight app from the iOS App Store, then open Altizure's invitation page in mobile browser and confirm joining:https://testflight.apple.com/join/nwHGC5Vh

  1. Use Apple's official test platform TestFlight to download the beta, just search TestFlight in the App Store and download it. Please follow the steps below when the download task is completed. (Note: Altizure will automatically send a test invitation through webpage link, but no need to fill the invitation code in the TestFlight. Please close the pops-up window for the invitation code filling in the TestFlight.)

  2. Open the invitation link -https://testflight.apple.com/join/nwHGC5Vh in the mobile browser or scan the following QR code to access the invitation page, while the TestFlight is being installed.

  3. Click "Start Testing" in Step 2 of the invitation page, and the system will jump to TestFlight (some browsers will jump to the TestFlight app directly after opening the invitation page).

  4. The TestFlight will display the Altizure app invitation page. Click the ACCEPT button for the invitation.

  5. After accepting the invitation, click INSTALL to install the test version. There will be a dot at the bottom left of the icon after installation. You can uninstall the beta at any time, or install other recent beta versions.
    IMG_0184.PNG IMG_0183.PNG


The beta version was also released after a period of internal testing by the developers and is suitable for normal flight. If you are not comfortable with the stability of the new version, use DJI's official PC simulator for test flights.

Simulator Operation:


You are welcome to comment on this post or send your questions to support@altizure.com for further inquiry.

Please include the following details in your comments or feedbacks.

  1. Test Beta Version, e.g. 4.2.0 (143) or the latest beta version.
  2. UAV version (Please provide the firmware version if available.)
  3. Device and System Version, e.g. iPhone 7, iOS 10.1.1.