The Altizure App is the Altizure all-in-one mobile platform integrating photo capturing, cloud 3D modeling and studio, and online exploration. In the autonomous capturing mode, the Altizure App controls DJI drones with the help of DJI SDK to capture vertical and oblique photographs. Now, you could download it from iOS App Store.

Let's look at some features of Altizure App(iOS).


Altizure App (iOS) interface is mainly divided into four sections - Capture, Explore, Support and Me.

Capture feature consists of Drone Capture, Mobile Capture and Photo Upload.


Drone Capture

The Drone Capture can realize the UAV functions of one-button Take-off, Auto Flight, Intelligent Continued Flight and Photo Capture. It provides intelligent three-dimensional modeling flight trajectory and easy-to-use flight guidance for free members.


Prior to the initial use of Altizure App, it is necessary to link the UAV to DJI GO 4 (recommended) for relevant aircraft condition monitoring and setting on image overlapping, camera angle, flight height etc.


After checking the status and parameters of UAV, login out DJI GO 4, open Altizure App to start planning and creating aerial photography tasks.

There are a few points to pay attention in task creating.

  1. The aircraft needs to fly higher than the tallest building in the task area to avoid a collision accident.

  2. It is highly recommended to have over 75% overlapping between images from the sides and ends, so that the captured image data can be well reconstructed into 3D model.

  3. Before creating the task, select the map to determine if you need to turn on the map correction feature.

After the task is created, the flight can be started and the camera will go into automatic capture mode. In case of an emergency during flight, it is ok to click STOP to abort the flight task.


1.When the UAV is flying far away with the weak signal, you can turn the remote control antenna at the location of the plane to alleviate the weak signal.

2.During the flight, you should always pay attention to the battery power. When the battery is at low condition, you need to call the aircraft back, replace the battery to continue the mission.
Upon completion of the photo capture, the image data will be uploaded into for automatic 3D reconstruction.

Mobile Capture

The mobile capture function supports timing shots and 3D real-time preview, free members can shoot relatively small delicate model objects.


👉 Online Tutorial Access

Photo Upload

Users can upload images to the Altizure App for 3D reconstruction, which is easier and faster than the web operation. All you need to do is to select the photos from the camera album. Or you can also apply long-pressing smart selection to achieve quick selection and transmission within seconds.


Altizure App (iOS) supports online browsing photogrammetric 3D models and 3rd-party models. It allows users to view individual models as well as those of public creators.
In the Explore section, some outstanding public models are picked out and displayed on the Featured page. We can freely click in to view the models shared by others.


According to the different locations, themes and categories, we divide the themes in this section to facilitate users to search target collections more quickly.

Altizure Earth provides a new browsing style - using satellite image as the background and positioning highly finished models according to GPS, so that all users' public models are connected to the Earth as a whole.

Here we can browse the whole Earth and view our interested models. Combined with flexible touch-screen gestures, it is easy to have a panoramic world view in 3D.

🌍 Altizure Earth Tutorial


If you encounter any difficulties while using this app , please select "Support" for help.

You can find a variety of articles and tutorials about Altizure in the Blog. And you can also post questions in the Forum or share your own experiences to help answer others' questions. The Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions from users are collected in the FAQ. Project Planner assist users to calculate the GP volume required for modeling in a certain area.


Users can view their own photogrammetric, hand-made and point-cloud models by logging in Me.
The Altizure App enables simple model browsing. The gesture operation can be used to zoom in, zoom out, rotate, move models etc. You can also view the camera pose of the models and get the capture angles information from other users in the comment column. Three rendering effects can also help the model user to adjust different views according to individual occasions.


Click Setting in the upper right corner to select the appropriate language, turn on or off the Gesture prompt and other personalized settings.