Altizure iOS App 4.6.6 has been updated on August 2,2019. This upgrade has improved the login and registration mechanism, and some functions have also be optimized for upload, preview, and application on third-party models. At the same time, this new version supports photogrammetric and point-cloud models browsing, making 3D rendering and displaying much easier and faster.

Let's peer into the new features of Altizure iOS App 4.6.6!

Update Model Browser for Hand-made, Photogrammetric and Point-cloud Models

Altizure R&D team upgraded the model browser for Altizure iOS App 4.6.6 and made it well compatible with the latest 3D engine, which could guarantee a better user experience.

Users could view all uploaded manual, photogrammetric and point-cloud models directly in the My Models list. Also annotations could be added to models for information hints.

Tutorial for Uploading Hand-made Models

1.gif ▲ Click to View the Hand-made Model
2.gif ▲ Click to View the Photogrammetric Model
3.gif ▲ Click to View the Point-cloud Model

At present, Altizure can support uploading pictures to point-cloud model. To open the point-cloud on image reconstruction function, please send the following information to

  1. User Name

  2. Mobile Number/WeChat ID

  3. Altizure Account

  4. Company Name

  5. Business Registration Certificate

###Camera Position, 2D Viewpoint and Rendering Preview

In the current version, we can also opt to view the model's camera position, 2D viewpoint, texture, surface and mesh rendering. Different effects of the same model can be displayed according to various situations.

4.gif ▲ Camera Position View
5.gif ▲ Orthographic View
6.gif ▲ Texture, Surface and Mesh Rendering
If you have any questions when using Altizure iOS App 4.6.6, please do not hesitate to leave your message or comments below. We will do our upmost to solve your problems as soon as possible.
📣 📣 Altizure iOS App 4.6.6 Updated Features

  • Support New OAuth Validation Mechanism

  • Support Third-party Login and Registration

  • Upgraded the Model Browser to Support the Latest 3D Engine

  • Support Browsing Hand-made, Photogrammetric and Point-cloud Models

  • Added Third-party Model in My Model List

  • Added Annotation about Third-party Models

  • Some Bug Repairs