When using Altizure App (iOS) for aerial photography missons, we can synchronize missions to other login devices if we want to change mobile device for operation or browsing.


First, open the Files application that comes with iOS on the device on which you want to export the mission.


Check out My iPhone/iPad or search Altizure directly to find the corresponding folder.


Open the Altizure folder, find missions and open the folder to select the right mission you want to synchronize.


Each mission file represents an individual mission.

Move the "mission" folder you need to the same path location on your new device via iCloud, and turn on the Drone Capture of Altizure App on your new device to view all the newly imported missions.

This tip can not only help us better integrate information, but also solve problems in data adjustment and task connection when shooting with multiple devices. Currently Altizure continues working on how to sync missions easily and will get our users updated once available.
If you have any questions while using Altizure App, please contact us via support@altizure.com or share your comments on forum.altizure.com.