Website Update:

  • Optimized the webpage for creating the Third-party Model.


  • Simplified the image upload steps and optimized the upload speed.
  • Moved the Remove Project button from My Profile to Setting Menu.

Planets Update:

  • Added Polytube in the Brushes tools.
  • Optimized the initial loading speed.
  • The measurement tool supports the function of custom measuring scale.


  • Optimized the browsing experience with embedded links in the introduction, default aspect ratio in 4:3.
  • A prompt to input an entity name will be popped up after inserting models, brushes, and particle effects.


  • Optimized the Save policy for the entity properties panel to provide the function to save and undo changes.


  • Added a default annotation for the height of the current reference plane in the volume measurement tools.
  • Added custom flight function: support Auto-Locate and manual input coordinates on Fly-to.


  • Support selecting all entities of the same category in the entity panel via Multi-selection.