Upgrade your free project to unlimited quota!

The initial free quota for each user account is 3 GP. But as long as your project is selected as a Recommended one, supposed the project size is ** N ** GP, your free quota will be automatically increased to ** 3 + N ** GP!


If a user continually adds new images to an project that has been selected as "Featured" with the intention to increase the free quota, our system rates this as a waste of computing resources. The system will remove the project from "Featured" and wipe out the free quota it has earned.

The original purpose of increasing the free quota is to encourage users to create more high-quality and interesting models contributing to the public appreciation and share the pleasure of 3D model construction.

If users have any special cases (e.g. disaster relief, charitable purposes, academic research, etc.) to reconstruct models exceeding the free quota, please contact us at support@altizure.com. We'll consider case by case.

Q: Only free projects are entitled to quota upgrade?

A: No matter free or paid projects are entitled to quota upgrades as long as the project remains public. You could adjust the visibility of a private project into public.

Q: Will there be any expense for quota upgrade?

A: Quota upgrade is totally free of charge.

Q: What kind of projects can be selected as Recommended ones?

A: When picking out the Recommended projects, projects' reconstruction quality as follows will be our core focus.

  1. Good data acquisition. The reconstructed scene should be properly exposed and textured, not too dark or too light.

  2. Data integrity. If the height difference of the scene is huge, the side of the scene is also very important, the building sides should be captured at an oblique angle or by rotation around the center object.

Q: If my Recommended project is changed to private or invisible, could I still hold the free quota?

A: Truly sorry, if you change the Recommended projects to private or invisible, you won't be able to have the free quota that comes with them. Your free quota will be updated in real time.

Q: I have three Recommended projects, which are reconstructed from images in 2, 3.5 and 2.8 GP respectively. How many free quota could I get accumulated in total?

A: Your maximum Recommended project is 3.5 GP, so your free quota should be 3 + 3.5 = 6.5GP

Q: My current free quota has been upgraded to 3 + 5.9 = 8.9GP. Now I have another 5.3 GP recommended project. What is my new free quota?

A:Your free quota is still 8.9GP. You need to have a recommended project greater than 5.9 GP to further increase your quota.

Q: Could I use the free quota for the Pro Project?

A: Free quota is only available for free projects. However, you can reconstruct the 3D models in the free project first, and pay for the Pro project when feel satisfied with the result.

Q: What is the quota ceiling of 3+N upgrade plan?

A: Unlimited.