Main Site Update:

  • Added 3D Browsing module in the User Setting, where 3D and interaction settings can be adjusted to override the default system preference (Note: These functions are only valid for logged in users).
  • 3D Settings include Satellite Map/Cloud/Ground Terrain/Terrain Wireframe.
  • Interaction Settings include Invert Mouse Y and custom Left Right Mouse Button Control.
  • Earth can support 3D and Interaction Settings.
  • Models can merely support Interaction Settings.

Planets Update:

  • The windows of Creation and Settings support custom 3D Settings, which will override current user settings and system preferences.
  • The Planets of Engine-v3 support 3D and Interaction Settings ( Note:The interaction behavior can't be set for each planet individually, it can be only read from user setting or system preferences.)
  • The Planets of Engine-v2 only support the Satellite Map.