Models can be cropped via lossless crop instead of real crop on And how to crop in real style?

ps:Lossless Crop will not destroy the original model file and can be redo at any time with unlimited modification. Real Crop will really cut the model file and the original model file after successful clipping could not be recovered.

First of all, you could conduct lossless crop on the model by, and then download the original model and cropped file. By virtue of Offline Format Conversion by Altizure Desktop, convert the original and cropped model files to the real crop model, then upload the converted model file to, you could get a normal view on real crop model. If import the real crop model files into Altizure Planets, it could accelerate loading multiple large models.

Basic Steps:

  1. Crop the model on
  2. Download the model file and cropped file.
  3. Output the real crop model file by the offline converter of Altizure Desktop.
  4. Compress the output model file and upload to again.

Operation Details:

  1. Upon completion of the model reconstruction, crop modification can be proceeded on the model settings page.

  2. When the crop is done, download the obj file of the model and the crop result from the model overview. The filename prefix crop_mask represents the clipping result.

  3. Open the offline format converter on Altizure Desktop, select Full Project OBJ files as conversion type and crop&water as format, then enter the paths of the downloaded original obj file and clipping results. Note that Chinese characters should be avoided in the path to reduce errors in the conversion process.
    All file paths selected, click "OK" for conversion real crop model files. The finalized crop file can be viewed by third-party software(e.g. meshlab).
    Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 15.36.32.png

  4. Compress the real crop model files and upload to the Third-party Model -> Photogrammetric Model on the You could browse the new model when the upload is completed.