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    On the, you can download Pro model and use Altizure Desktop to convert to a variety of 3D data formats. This tutorial will walk you through how to convert the altizure professional model to 3dtiles format and then give you a preliminary demonstration in Cesium.

    Data Format Conversion

    Open Altizure Desktop, set the input path (the 3D data location of the downloaded photogrammetric model) and output path, click ok to start the conversion.

    The 3dtiles that have been well converted can be loaded directly from cesium:

    Create Cesium Object to Load the Model to the Scene

    Basic Steps to Load 3dtiles into Cesium

    • Initialize the viewer.
    • Load 3dtiles (set the tileset.json path).
    • After the load is complete, move the perspective to the model area.
    • If the y-z axis of the model reverses , click Model Rotation.

    Here is a basic example of Cesium loading 3dtiles, with reference to cesium version 1.62. After downloading and unzipping, copy the folder of 3dtiles to the root directory of the case, modify the tileset.json path, and the hosting service can be demonstrated:
    Basic code for loading demo:

      <div id="cesiumContainer"></div>
        // initialize the viewer
        var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer', {
          shadows: false
        // let the model not occluded by terrain
        viewer.scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain = false;
        // load 3dtiles
        var tileset = new Cesium.Cesium3DTileset({
          url: './cyt_3dtiles_3/tileset.json'
        // after loaded, zoom to the model extent
        tileset.readyPromise.then(function (tileset) {
          viewer.zoomTo(tileset, new Cesium.HeadingPitchRange(0.0, -0.5, tileset.boundingSphere.radius * 2.0));
        }).otherwise(function (error) {

    As for the model rotation, the internal model matrix of cesium is relative to the center of the earth, it is necessary to translate the model to the center of the ball -> and rotate the model -> to the original position.
    Code for Rotating the Model 90 Degrees around the X-axis:

          // rotate the model if necessary
          var rootTransform = tileset._root.transform;
          var rootTransformInv = Cesium.Matrix4.inverse(rootTransform, new Cesium.Matrix4());
          // write x, y, z rotate degrees here
          var rotateMatrix = Cesium.Matrix4.fromRotationTranslation(Cesium.Matrix3.fromRotationX(Cesium.Math.toRadians(90)))
          var modelMatrix = new Cesium.Matrix4()
          Cesium.Matrix4.multiply(rootTransform, rotateMatrix, modelMatrix)
          Cesium.Matrix4.multiply(modelMatrix, rootTransformInv, modelMatrix)
          tileset.modelMatrix = modelMatrix

    Note: This code needs to write in the tileset.readyPromise.then . If you want to rotate other angles,modify Cesium.Matrix3.fromRotationX(Cesium.Math.toRadians(90)) .

    Load Altizure Model in Cesium:
    Model Rotation Outcome:

    Host/Release Cesium Applications

    The developed cesium project needs to be hosted to the server or published locally so that we can browse the results.
    Cesium was tested that it can't not properly be released under certain methods, such as python-m SimpleHTTPServer. But it is verified that Cesium project could be accessed normally through nginx or iis hosting . The service hosting cesium requires only basic static file hosting.

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    Models can be cropped via lossless crop instead of real crop on And how to crop in real style?

    ps:Lossless Crop will not destroy the original model file and can be redo at any time with unlimited modification. Real Crop will really cut the model file and the original model file after successful clipping could not be recovered.

    First of all, you could conduct lossless crop on the model by, and then download the original model and cropped file. By virtue of Offline Format Conversion by Altizure Desktop, convert the original and cropped model files to the real crop model, then upload the converted model file to, you could get a normal view on real crop model. If import the real crop model files into Altizure Planets, it could accelerate loading multiple large models.

    Basic Steps:

    1. Crop the model on
    2. Download the model file and cropped file.
    3. Output the real crop model file by the offline converter of Altizure Desktop.
    4. Compress the output model file and upload to again.

    Operation Details:

    1. Upon completion of the model reconstruction, crop modification can be proceeded on the model settings page.

    2. When the crop is done, download the obj file of the model and the crop result from the model overview. The filename prefix crop_mask represents the clipping result.

    3. Open the offline format converter on Altizure Desktop, select Full Project OBJ files as conversion type and crop&water as format, then enter the paths of the downloaded original obj file and clipping results. Note that Chinese characters should be avoided in the path to reduce errors in the conversion process.
      All file paths selected, click "OK" for conversion real crop model files. The finalized crop file can be viewed by third-party software(e.g. meshlab).
      Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 15.36.32.png

    4. Compress the real crop model files and upload to the Third-party Model -> Photogrammetric Model on the You could browse the new model when the upload is completed.

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    Main Site Update:

    • Added 3D Browsing module in the User Setting, where 3D and interaction settings can be adjusted to override the default system preference (Note: These functions are only valid for logged in users).
    • 3D Settings include Satellite Map/Cloud/Ground Terrain/Terrain Wireframe.
    • Interaction Settings include Invert Mouse Y and custom Left Right Mouse Button Control.
    • Earth can support 3D and Interaction Settings.
    • Models can merely support Interaction Settings.

    Planets Update:

    • The windows of Creation and Settings support custom 3D Settings, which will override current user settings and system preferences.
    • The Planets of Engine-v3 support 3D and Interaction Settings ( Note:The interaction behavior can't be set for each planet individually, it can be only read from user setting or system preferences.)
    • The Planets of Engine-v2 only support the Satellite Map.


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    Upgrade your free project to unlimited quota!

    The initial free quota for each user account is 3 GP. But as long as your project is selected as a Recommended one, supposed the project size is ** N ** GP, your free quota will be automatically increased to ** 3 + N ** GP!


    If a user continually adds new images to an project that has been selected as "Featured" with the intention to increase the free quota, our system rates this as a waste of computing resources. The system will remove the project from "Featured" and wipe out the free quota it has earned.

    The original purpose of increasing the free quota is to encourage users to create more high-quality and interesting models contributing to the public appreciation and share the pleasure of 3D model construction.

    If users have any special cases (e.g. disaster relief, charitable purposes, academic research, etc.) to reconstruct models exceeding the free quota, please contact us at We'll consider case by case.

    Q: Only free projects are entitled to quota upgrade?

    A: No matter free or paid projects are entitled to quota upgrades as long as the project remains public. You could adjust the visibility of a private project into public.

    Q: Will there be any expense for quota upgrade?

    A: Quota upgrade is totally free of charge.

    Q: What kind of projects can be selected as Recommended ones?

    A: When picking out the Recommended projects, projects' reconstruction quality as follows will be our core focus.

    1. Good data acquisition. The reconstructed scene should be properly exposed and textured, not too dark or too light.

    2. Data integrity. If the height difference of the scene is huge, the side of the scene is also very important, the building sides should be captured at an oblique angle or by rotation around the center object.

    Q: If my Recommended project is changed to private or invisible, could I still hold the free quota?

    A: Truly sorry, if you change the Recommended projects to private or invisible, you won't be able to have the free quota that comes with them. Your free quota will be updated in real time.

    Q: I have three Recommended projects, which are reconstructed from images in 2, 3.5 and 2.8 GP respectively. How many free quota could I get accumulated in total?

    A: Your maximum Recommended project is 3.5 GP, so your free quota should be 3 + 3.5 = 6.5GP

    Q: My current free quota has been upgraded to 3 + 5.9 = 8.9GP. Now I have another 5.3 GP recommended project. What is my new free quota?

    A:Your free quota is still 8.9GP. You need to have a recommended project greater than 5.9 GP to further increase your quota.

    Q: Could I use the free quota for the Pro Project?

    A: Free quota is only available for free projects. However, you can reconstruct the 3D models in the free project first, and pay for the Pro project when feel satisfied with the result.

    Q: What is the quota ceiling of 3+N upgrade plan?

    A: Unlimited.

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    New technical support website and forum go live for testing! 😁 😁 😁

    Please bookmark 📑 the following links:

    Technical Support:

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    Website Update:

    • Explore category enables to search the models as per devices.
    • Watch state and my state go live.

    Planets Update:

    • Optimized the resolution of the tag text so that the it can be viewed clearly on the low resolution screen.

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    Website Update:

    • Optimized the webpage for creating the Third-party Model.


    • Simplified the image upload steps and optimized the upload speed.
    • Moved the Remove Project button from My Profile to Setting Menu.

    Planets Update:

    • Added Polytube in the Brushes tools.
    • Optimized the initial loading speed.
    • The measurement tool supports the function of custom measuring scale.


    • Optimized the browsing experience with embedded links in the introduction, default aspect ratio in 4:3.
    • A prompt to input an entity name will be popped up after inserting models, brushes, and particle effects.


    • Optimized the Save policy for the entity properties panel to provide the function to save and undo changes.


    • Added a default annotation for the height of the current reference plane in the volume measurement tools.
    • Added custom flight function: support Auto-Locate and manual input coordinates on Fly-to.


    • Support selecting all entities of the same category in the entity panel via Multi-selection.


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    Website Update:

    • Newly designed Altizure Homepage.
    • Optimized the holistic design style on website.
    • Added auto rotate button in the model browser.
    • Automatically redirect Homepage to the Featured models while in maintenance.

    Planets Update:

    • Inserted new models to render loading animation.
    • Optimized the left entities list to smooth the selected animation.

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    Website Update:

    • Optimized model card UI with Project Overview button.
    • Added Tasks Info in the Project Overview.
    • Added project task management page.
    • Prohibit WeChat users without binding mobile phone to create any projects.

    Planets Update:

    • The measurement tool supports automatic unit conversion to 0.1mm.
    • Optimized the UI of the Close and Save buttons in the properties panel.
    • Upgraded 3D Engine to v3.
    • Added the option to upgrade to Engine-v3 in the Settings.
    • The Area measurement tool can show area preview label when drawing.
    • Optimized the unit accuracy for Area and Volume measurement results.


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    Website Update:

    • Add project name and author information in the QR code sharing window.
    • Mobile phone binding window supports searching district code and area.

    Planets Update:

    • Add Tutorial page on the right toolbar.
    • Add Visibility Camera for visual analysis on the bottom toolbar.
    • Add position reset function on the reference models in local coordinate system.
      WeChat Image_20191119150910.png
      WeChat Image_20191119151032.png

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